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Nom Nom De Plume

Nom Nom de Plume Archive

25 August 2015

Sometimes there is a fine line between team banter, and serious insult. It's good to have a thick skin sometimes, and to give the benefit of the doubt that teammates are trying to inflict humor.

20 August 2015

Admiral Bligh set sail for Tahiti in search of breadfruit, BTW. Look up the rest of the story.

At times, breaking up the work schedule into a number of parts, either operating in a linear fashion, or concurrently, can prevent exhaustion, increase productivity, and lower the risk of mutiny and bloodshed.

16 August 2015

Which acronym or abbreviation can mean one of a dozen possibilities? The army might mean one thing. A pharmaceutical firm might mean something else. Protect the primmer and concordance. It can be valuable, sometimes years later, when the team has long since broken up.

10 August 2015

Sometimes the stories we share from our work experiences cannot be valuated. Other times, we need to stop looking to the past during collaboration, and concentrate on matters at issue, and hopefully, on some innovative solutions. Never knock experience, but don't dwell on old ways that impede much needed progress.

5 August 2015

Is Universal System Expansion in the FAR? Perhaps that would defy the laws of physics.

3 August 2015

Many people wear many hats. It's rare to come across a true polymath...and even more difficult to get them to write sections for a proposal

Is there a small handful of SMEs who know everything?

Remember, if someone asks you if the Universe has consciousness, well, you're in the universe, aren't you? Are you conscious?

If you're preparing for a color review, you may not be.

21 July 2015

Not so rare these days that a company can change hands and change hands, and change hands, and end up back in the original hands. Sometimes, that's a really good thing. Can you think of any examples? Jobs?

10 July 2015

Never underestimate the quality of the work someone can perform or the depth of their expertise and ingenious tendencies, just because they have a hard character or a seemingly flakey personality.

Everyone works and succeeds in different ways. Control freaks love it when no one can crawl or scratch their way out of the box.

6 July 2015

Your customer probably knows if you don't have the bandwidth, or (wo)manpower available to do the work you want to promise, and on time.

That doesn't mean you can't consider solutions to such a problem. Sharing an innovative potential solution with the customer may be points in your favor.

2 July 2015

Do you ever promise to overcommit without realizing it?

The customer probably will realize that you're stretched a bit thin. Perhaps not if you nom nom on chocolate covered pretzels.